The Dyason series

The cult bestselling SF series. Now available as 'E-books!'

The Dyason series

'This is science fiction adventure before the days of cyberpunk, tortured and torturous psychology and raging moralising. What more could you want?' The Big Issue.

First published in 1995, 'Minds of the Empire' and the 'Dyason' series have become cult classics over the past twenty years. Long out of print, the series is now available for the first time as 'E-books'!

'For a moment Moss stood rooted to the spot staring down the muzzle of the rifle pointed at his head. Then without any conscious thought, pure power and anger surged down his back from his head into his arm and then to his hand. It felt as if his whole body was charged with a million volts of pure energy, like some huge capacitor. Where that power came from he couldn't say, it was as if it came from the very roots of his soul. From head to toe every hair on his body stood stock upright as if charged with static electricity. Without even knowing the reason why, he raised his hand and pointed at the guard with one finger.'

By the year 2020 the United Nations World Defence Force can finally guarantee the security of every nation on the planet through the use of orbital laser battle stations. That is until the day the Dyason arrived. The Dyason are humanoid, but not from our star system. In a blitzkrieg attack they wipe out the World Defence Force and within days, force worldwide capitulation. except for a few renegades, mankind is enslaved. Out of the prison ghettos of London a new hero emerges, a youth with exceptional mental powers. Minds of the Empire follows Moss as he struggles to escape the rubble of London and flee from both the Dyason and the Resistance. The first book in the Dyason series spans space, time and legend in a fast moving adventure that keeps the adrenaline pumping.


Minds of the Empire
Third Player


Self Publishing Pays! Minds of the Empire is number one in the Forbidden Planet, top ten book chart!' —SFX Magazine.

'Brilliant! I usually read REALLY slow but nothing (bar work, sleep and food) could make be put the book down —L Davidson. Cyberspace.

'Congratulations on another winner!—P Vallance. Cyberspace

'A friend of mine wants me to lend him my copy of Dominator, but I really don't think he could handle that good a book!!' —S Smith. Cyberspace.